Extract from the book…

Healers are both Open and Indirect. They have the closest traits associated to the Water element. Our ancestral Caveman Healers would have been the ones who looked after the tribe. They would be caring for the sick and treating the wounded. They liked to be around people and especially around those who needed them. The tribe accepted the role of a Healer as the go-to person when someone needed someone to listen or just a little TLC. The Healer just wanted everyone to be healthy and happy. Healers were the ‘people’ pleasers of the tribe. Healers were the ones that the people in the tribe turned to when they wanted someone to listen. They were the ones the others offloaded their worries to. Healers were the gentle, kind and approachable individuals within the group. Undoubtedly, their caring attitude would have been taken advantage off by a few of the other tribe members. They
would have been easy targets for the practical jokers and may have been easily swindled by a few as well…

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