Carl Jones

Author of The Caveman Principles



Gatherers Extract from the book… Healers are both Open and Indirect. They have the closest traits associated to the Water element. Our ancestral Caveman Healers would have been the ones who looked after the tribe. They would be caring for the sick and treating the wounded. They liked to be around people and especially around those who needed them. The tribe

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Gatherers Extract from the book… Gathers are both Closed and Indirect. They are the closest tribe member to the Earth element. Our ancestral Cavemen Gatherers were the cautious ones of the group. They would be suspicious of everything and everyone, whether they knew them or they had only just met. They would not have put themselves in harm’s way, unless

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Protectors Extract from the book… Protectors have both Closed and Direct personality traits. Protectors are closest to the Fire element. Our Caveman ancestor Protectors will have known that they had a very important job but they wouldn’t have gone on about it. They will have been big, tough and been able to defend the tribe from any outside threats or

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